Little TUSK

The Little Tusk mission is to create unique handmade jewelry and bold accessories carefully handcrafted and designed to stand out from the crowd. From a small home studio, each Little Tusk item starts its journey as a block of polymer clay which is hand forged, carved and rolled into a wearable piece of art. Polymer clay is the primary material used to create our beautiful baubles. Available in a wide array of wonderfully saturated colors it's the perfect material to create our unique designs. Once cured polymer clay's lightweight, durable and waterproof properties, in combination with its uniquely distinct appearance makes it not only beautiful, but practical and comfortable to wear. Great care and attention is put into making each of our polymer clay jewelry designs, as special and unique as the recipient who wears it. Gathering inspiration from almost everywhere, the assortment is constantly changing, evolving and encompassing new mixed media components.


As long as I can remember I've loved to create. Whether it was with paper and glue sticks, or diamonds and gold, I have always relished the process of taking raw materials and transforming them into something beautiful. Born and raised in Australia, I began making and selling jewelry at a very young age. After graduating high school, I completed a 4 year trade apprenticeship in jewelry, with qualifications in Engineering and fine arts. After a very successful term working behind a jewelry bench, I decided to take a break to travel the world. I met my husband while traveling and subsequently settled in America with him. I spent the next few years working in various design fields, but could never shake my desire to return to my first love- jewelry! I created Little Tusk as a way to reconnect with my love of accessories and design, all stamped with the unique flare you only find in a carefully handcrafted item. There is just something so special about owning an item that was handcrafted by an artisan, I simply love creating that expereince for every Little Tusk customer!

I have been fortunate enough to receive the following accolades during my design and craftsmanship career:

-Australian World Skills Awards: National finalist

-Jewelry Association of Australia, Open Gold Design and Craftsmanship Awards: National Finalist

-Queensland World Skills Award: Winner

-Queensland Apprentice of the year: Winner

-Jewelers Association of Australia, Apprentice Design and Craftsmanship Awards: National Finalist

-Brilliant Brisbane Jewelry Design Awards: Winner of the Lord Mayor Supreme Award

-Jewelry Association of Australia, Apprentice Design Awards: Winner

-Australian Apprentice Designer of the year: Winner

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